Christian Funeral Services

The format of Christian Funeral differs slightly from the other denominations. Every plan and arrangement for the funeral is required to be made after the consultation with the pastor as well as the church.

The Christian funerals are mostly accommodated in the churches; otherwise, it is conducted according to the suggestions given by the deceased family members. However, they are not similar to non-religious funerals where no Christian ceremony is performed.

christian funeral

Setting of the Christian Funeral

During the Christian Funeral, the atmosphere is quite uplifting and comforting as they believe that the deceased is headed to a better place as salvation is promised all the Christ believers.

  • Viewing in open casket

It is important that the casket remains uncovered so the friends, family, and relatives can pay their last respect to the deceased.

  • Commendation

Regardless of where the funeral service is held, the ceremony ends with a final commendation where the deceased is sent for gold’s loving care and mercy.

  • Committal

Committal is a solemn moment where the body is committed back to the earth so that it can rise again to the everlasting life in the divine’s glory.

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