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Five Things You Should Never Do During a Funeral October 14, 2017

Saying goodbye to a loved will never be easy. In an instant, your entire life will be devoid of a person who has affected you in so many ways. In return, you need to live the rest of your days without the presence of a loved one. When this unfortunate situation happens, it’s only proper to hold a funeral.

This practice gives us a good chance to say farewell to this person in a definite manner. At the same time, we can also discover more from the experiences other people had of your loved one. Since this period is about honoring your loved one who passed away, give it your best shot by hiring quality PG funeral services that will ensure proper coordination and a smooth flow of the event. This is one of the many things you can do to honor the memory of your friend or a member of your family. In stark contrast, here are the things you should never do inside a funeral.

Being allergic to silence

There are some people who can’t stand the solemnity of a funeral. They don’t feel well if there is too much silence or everybody is speaking in hushed tones. As a result, these people would be compelled to speak using a loud voice to be more comfortable. Plus, they can also take out the mobile devices to play loud music for everyone to hear. This should not be the case in a funeral because respect for the deceased should always be prioritized. Do remember to act accordingly when you are attending a funeral or you might be kicked out for being too boisterous.

Being a slob in front of people you don’t know

In some funerals, snacks are served to prevent guests from getting hungry. This isn’t a reason to horde all the food you see and eat everything all at once. What you are attending is a funeral, and not an eat-all-you-can buffet. Just take the right portion of food for yourself and your companions and eat it as quietly as possible.

Slandering the deceased

There are times when you need to speak up about someone. This could be in court or when that person has already abused your patience and understanding. A funeral will definitely not be one of those places where this practice is allowed. A funeral is a place where respects should paid to the deceased, not negative stories or anecdotes. If you feel strongly about the person who has passed away, it would be best not to attend the funeral at all.

Making a mess

Just like any venue for the public, a funeral’s surroundings should always be kept clean and tidy. No one wants to mourn for a loved one when they can see dirt everywhere or smell a foul odor all the time. This is the reason why you should do your part in keeping the location of the funeral as clean as possible. Otherwise, you are adding another problem to the family and friends of the deceased.

Attracting unnecessary attention

Keep in mind that a funeral is not about you. It’s about a person who has passed away and how the people in his or her life chose to commemorate the deceased. That’s why you should never do anything that disturbs the peace during the funeral and places all of the attention on you. It’s better to be quiet and solemn as you remember the deceased with love.