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Here’s What You Should Know About Buddhist Funerals October 23, 2017

Unlike Western traditions, countries practicing Buddhism have a different way to hold a funeral. Countries adhering to the Christian faith normally hold a wake as a form of remembrance for their dearly departed and bury them in a cemetery. Meanwhile, those who practice Buddhism have a more elaborate way to remember their loved ones. Although the differences are stark in comparison, the meaning is always the same.

For starters, a Buddhist funeral emphasizes on positivity and the absence of fear. This perspective allows people a more joyous atmosphere in this particular event. All over the world, death holds a more negative notion but the same cannot be said for this particular religion. For this reason, grief counseling is not too popular among Buddhists.

The focus is on life and how it was lived

Speaking of positivity, Buddhists choose to place more emphasis on the way. Rather than dwell on the how a person died, these people would rather remember how much joy this life has caused to other people. All of the accomplishments and relationships formed are held in great importance to commemorate the life of the person who passed away. This will result in a greater understanding of life and all of its challenges to those who are still living. As such, the fear of death is removed and life will be more appreciated by everyone.

A reason for everyone to come together

For Buddhists, a funeral is a reason to gather together. Since funerals focus more on the positive aspects of a life, these gatherings are done without all the negativity death brings along to people. These Buddhists funerals are filled with bright colors that invoke a sense of celebration for the dearly departed. This is done to wish them well when they are reborn again in this world. It is a Buddhist belief that when a person dies, he or she is reborn again in a new life. Due to this belief, Buddhist funeral services is held like a celebration for the person who has passed away.

How monks are involved

In other parts of the world, a priest or a pastor usually heads the funeral service. In countries that practice Buddhism, monks are on the forefront of this particular event. These monks chant together in a funeral to help add positive energy to the spirit of the deceased. This energy is said to aid the departed into his or her journey to the next life. These monks are present throughout the whole funeral ceremony to lead the prayers and the chanting. In some cases, even robots have joined in on the act and can lead Buddhist funeral chanting ceremonies. Meanwhile, the family and friends of the deceased provide candles and food to these monks to show their goodwill to them.

A positive perspective on death

Since death has a different meaning to Buddhists, those who practice this faith would emphasize more on gratefulness and mindfulness in this occasion. Buddhists choose to believe these traits to gain a more positive outlook on this loss of life. As a result, those who are still living are more in control of their emotions and actions in their everyday existence.

Buddhists funerals sometimes can take seven to 90 days, depending on the circumstances required for this event. If you are in need of assistance for this particular event, we are more than happy to help you out for your funeral-related needs.