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How to Honor a Loved One in a Non-Religious Wake December 31, 2017

No matter what we say, we can never replace deny or erase the sadness brought by the passing of a loved one. Encouraging words and comforting hugs can only do so much. But it will take some time to fill the void left by a loved one who passed away.

However, it is important for the loved ones of the departed to get themselves together and somehow pick up the broken pieces to give the person a funeral that he deserves. You might want to get grief counseling services to make the pain bearable because you have to be there on the funeral.

A funeral service is that last opportunity to pay respects and remember the departed. There are various options in order to hold a funeral. Some want a religious funeral while some want it less formal. If the loved ones are lucky enough, the departed may have told them how he wants his funeral to be before he left.

We know that by now, you might still be mourning and you can’t think straight. We sympathize with you. Let us help you at this time of difficulty by giving you ideas about how to hold an informal funeral service.


Make poems

Some people possess the talent to take different words and turn them into something special. When this happens during the passing of a loved one, you can expect a beautiful poem to be created. This is a perfect way to remember someone and immortalize their memory in the form of words. Unlike other mediums or kinds of art, a poem is something that can be easily made and kept in one’s heart. As a result, you can remember the impact of your dearly departed anytime you want.


Sing their favorite songs

Along with poetry, music is a form of art that can strike down the heart of a person without any effort. The combination of beats, words, and melody can invoke amazing memories of your loved one. The person who passed away must surely have a preferred set of songs or genre in his or her playlist. When listened to, these songs can help you remember why you loved the person who recently passed away.


Do event styling

Get professional help from a reputable funeral services Singapore company that knows so well how to handle this type of funeral. They specifically provide non-religious funeral services so they are capable of styling the venue of the funeral if you want it to have a joyful and festive vibe.


Print happy photos 

Another way to mend the broken hearts of those whom the departed left is by printing happy pictures of him or her where there are no traces of sadness or sickness. Display those beautiful images that bring back the memories of the departed where she or he was full of life. Let those photos fill the place so it can have a joyful ambiance.


Let the guests share their favorite stories of the departed

Finally, include in the funeral service a part where friends and family will share their unforgettable moments with the person. Let them tell their stories about the departed while he was still living. This way, he will be honored. Wherever he is and whether he hears the messages or not, he will be given the love and respect due him.