Repatriation Funeral Service

The repatriation services are required if the death occurs outside the home country. The process of repatriation, i.e., bringing the body of deceased from the foreign country involves these four steps.

  • Registering of the death at the respective embassy
  • Obtaining the death certificate
  • Engagement of a funeral director to manage the outbound repatriation logistics
  • Engagement of a funeral director in the home country to handle the inbound logistics.

General Repatriation Detail

Repatriation To Singapore

  • We handle all the necessary logistics and paperwork to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays.
  • Our team manages that the staging of a funeral that includes all the cremation and burial arrangements.
  • An expert accompanies the family member to the foreign country for the advice on the repatriation of the remains


Repatriation From Singapore

  • Our funeral service experts collect the body for encoffin and embalming.
  • Our team raises the important paperwork for obtaining the export permit for a coffin.
  • We book the flights, arrange the accommodation, and handle all the logistics to send the body back to the country.
  • We provide you with a holding area while waiting for the repatriation clearance.


Documentation Required For Repatriation Service

Before the casket leaves the home country or some other country, a permit is required.  To apply for the permit, you will require these following documents:

  • Death Certificate
  • Encoffin Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate

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