Taoist Funeral Services

Taoists believe in focusing on the longevity and health than on the afterlife.

The goal in early Taoism was to achieve immortality with the cultivation and practice of various tasks that are categorized as Waidan and Neidan. Taoism also co-existed with the Confucianism and Buddhism and therefore, there is some influence of the Buddhism in the Taoist practices.

Furthermore, the Taoist funerals are becoming more serene and simplified with each passing generation of lost, old, and forgotten. At PG Funeral, we offer customizable Taoist Funeral Package according to your needs.

Taoist Funeral

Setting of the Taoist Funeral

Overview Of Taoist Funeral Rites

In the Taoist funeral ceremony, an altar is set up with a sacred lamp that symbolizes the elixir of immortality, two large candles, cups filled with tea, rice, water.

The five plates of fruits are used to represent the five elements of Taoist funeral rites, and an incense burner in the middle completes the entire setup.

There are many different denominations within the Taoism, and the rites for the deceased can also differ. However, there are some common rites that are performed during the Taoist funerals which are:

  • To protect the deceased body from the demons.
  • Gaining merits for the deceased.
  • Separation of the dead from the living.
  • Blessings for the family of deceased.